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Be a part of the 50 years/50 Ways to Advocate movement!

Commit to advocating for DMT during our 50th celebration year! 

Here's how you can get involved:

1)    Offer an in-service workshop where you work for colleagues unfamiliar with DMT

2)    Offer a free experiential group at a nursing home or group home

3)    Present a workshop at a nonprofit or for-profit organization

4)    Present at a national conference for an allied profession

5)    Apply to give a TEDx talk in your town

6)    Offer a “What is DMT?” lecture/experiential at your local university or college

7)    Offer a “What is DMT?” lecture/experiential at your local high school

8)    Offer to do a movement opening or closing at an allied profession's conference

9)    Create YouTube videos and blogs speaking on dance therapy

10) Perform at dance concerts and promote your work as a dance therapist in the program

11) Create "guerilla" events with a flash mob dance number and then leave flyers behind about DMT

12) Connect with your local yoga studio, zen studio, or health and wellness studio and offer to give a workshop

13) Visit your state or federal policymakers to talk about DMT

14) Have breakfast with a local government official

15) Join a local business networking group and bring your DMT identity

16) Write an op/ed letter to the editor for your local paper

17) Reach out to your local Parks and Recreation Department and offer to do a workshop

18) Offer to do a workshop for your local School Board

19) Offer CEU workshops, if you are licensed in your area, to allied professionals

20) Offer a grand rounds at a local hospital

21) Teach an aqua DMT class at a local gym or pool

22) Offer to give a guest lecture at a community college or arts school

23) Teach a community college class on DMT

24) Join local mental health advocacy efforts and identify yourself as a DMT  

25) Offer a DMT workshop in your place of worship

26) Share interesting DMT articles with your colleagues in other disciplines

27) Present at a local conference for an allied profession

28) Give a workshop at a local dance studio or dance company

29) Teach a continuing education class on DMT in your community

30) Contact your local chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and offer a workshop

31) Contact your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter and offer a workshop

32) Contact your local chapter of American Counseling Association and offer a workshop

33) Contact your local Mental Health Association and offer a workshop

34) Contact your local Child Mental Health Association and offer a workshop

35) Have your local ADTA Chapter give a workshop or 1-day conference and invite the public

36) Invite your state or US senator or congressperson to attend a DMT event in your community

37) Conduct an in-service workshop at a hospice facility about how DMT can facilitate ritual and closure for staff, patients and families.

38) Present to current DMT students on the importance of joining ADTA and advocating on behalf of the profession

39) Join local or national ADTA GAC efforts and take action by calling your local or state representative about an ADTA GAC agenda issue

40) Get involved with a national media effort like Michelle Obama's Move or Gimme Five campaigns

41) Offer to present on DMT at your undergraduate/graduate alma mater or high school career/guidance office

42) Contact the organizers of a local walk event, i.e. Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or Suicide Prevention Walks, and offer to conduct a movement warm-up. Introduce yourself as a DMT and bring plenty of cards and flyers to pass out 

43) Offer a workshop or stress management class on the oncology or cardiac units of a local medical hospital

44) Work with the PR person at your place of employment and present a workshop or represent the facility at a conference or networking event and wear your DMT hat

45) Offer to sponsor a colleague to take a DMT workshop or class

46) Volunteer your DMT services at a community center

47) Attend a Day on the Hill for ADTA, American for the Arts, etc.

48) Offer to give an in-service workshop for student nurses and interns at hospitals

49) Offer to give an in-service workshop on non-verbal empathy for doctors in residency

50) Meet with you state representative to talk about the importance of including DMT in licensing legislation

And one for good luck….

51) Educate local companies about ADTA / DMT by soliciting companies for donations for our Silent Auction in 2016.

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