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Committee on Approval


Committee Description

     The ADTA Committee on Approval was formed by the Board in 1979 to establish procedures that would ensure

and encourage the development and maintenance of standards in dance/movement therapy education.  The goal of Approval is to assure students that specified educational standards are met, and to protect the public from inadequately trained practitioners. 

Committee Chair



Jessica Young, Columbia College Chicago Representative





Committee Members

     Anne Margrethe Melsom, Drexel University Representative

     Susan Loman, Antioch University New England Representative

     Valerie Blanc, Supervision Representative

     Craig Haen, Public Member

     Wendy Allen, Naropa University Representative

     Ted Ehrhardt, Pratt Institute Representative

     Nancy Beardall, Lesley University Representative

     Cathy Appel, Sarah Lawrence College Representative


Sub-Committee for Approval of Alternate Route Courses

Committee Chair

     Susan Saenger, former DMTCB representative 


Committee Members

     Valerie Blanc, Committee on Approval Representative

     Danielle Fraenkel, Alternate Route Educator

     Dawn Lyon, Alternate Route Educator


Would you like to offer an Alternate Route Course?

ADTA offers an approval process for Alternate Route courses. Approval indicates to students and the public that courses meet high standards for DMT education. Approved courses also ease the application process for Alternate Route R-DMT candidates.


The DMTCB requires that all Alternate Route Dance/Movement Therapy coursework be approved by the ADTA.  The ADTA Committee on Approval, Subcommittee for Approval of Alternate Route Courses will review courses according to published guidelines. The Application for Course Approval, Guidelines for BC-DMTs Teaching Courses to Alternate Route Students, and Standards for Review and Approval of Alternate Route Courses can be found below:









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