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The Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board recognizes individuals qualified in the use of dance/movement therapy through use of the best possible criteria in order to promote high standards of care for clients and the promotion of  continuing education in the field of Dance/Movement Therapy.


The DMTCB is a 501c(6) independent affiliate of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) which was incorporated in 1966 to organize and develop standards, training and communication for the profession of dance/movement therapy.  

The DMTCB By-laws specify its structure, organization, and scope of operations. The DMTCB Policies and Procedures specify guidelines for requirements, application, assessment, and awarding of credentials for dance/movement therapists. DMTCB Board members are both elected by DMTCB certificants and appointed by the Board, and live in different

geographic regions of the US. Chairperson, DMTCB: Linda Aaron-Cort, BC-DMT.

NOTE:  DMTCB Board Certification and Registry are National Credentials. Licenses are awarded by individual states. Check licensing laws in your state to see how to qualify.

Employers: for Certification Verification, contact

In the United States of America, the following are registered under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as service marks, registered marks or certification marks of the American Dance Therapy Association: ADTA ®, R-DMT ® (Registered-Dance/Movement Therapist), and BC-DMT ® (Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist).


Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board Members:


Linda Aaron-Cort, BC-DMT, Chairperson (2014)

Colleen A. Barry Esq, Public Member


R-DMT Panel

Stacey Hurst, BC-DMT, Panelist Central (2014)

Linni Diehl, BC-DMT, Panelist East (2016)

Jeanetta Scholefield, BC-DMT, Panelist West (2015)


BC-DMT Panel

Pattee Russell-Curry, BC-DMT, Panelist West (2015)

Susan Kierr, BC-DMT Panelist Central (2016)

Julie Miller, BC-DMT, Panelist East (2014)







DMTCB Credentials

Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT), represents

attainment of a basic level of

competence, achieved through

the completion of dance/movement therapy education and training. 

The R-DMT signifies both the first

 level of entry into the profession

 and the individual’s preparedness

 for employment as a

dance/movement therapist

within a clinical and/or educational


Board Certified
 Dance/Movement Therapist  (BC-DMT), is the

advanced level of dance/movement

 therapy practice. The BC-DMT

signifies both the second level of competence for the profession

 and the individual’s preparedness

 to provide training and supervision

 in dance/movement therapy and

engage in private practice.

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