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Education, Research & Practice Sub-Committees (ERP)


Education Sub-Committee

Committee Description

     The purpose of the sub-committee is:

  • Communication between the Board and educators
  • Communication and collegial support between educators


Academic Degree Educator's Sub-Committee Chair

     Susie Imus



     Contact Susie to get involved:


Academic Degree Educator's Sub-Committee Members

     Christina Devereaux

     Laura Downey

     Nancy Beardall

     Susan Loman

     Gayle Gates

     Julie Miller

     Ryan Kennedy

     Zoe Avstreih

     Ellen Schelly Hill

     Joan Wittig

     Laurel Thompson

     Jessica Young

     Wendy Allen

Alternate Route Education Sub-Committee


Alternate Route Educator's Sub-Committee Chair

     Barbara Nordstrom Loeb


Alternate Route Educator's Sub-Committee Core Team

     Thania Acaron

     Bonnie Bernstein

     Linni Diehl

     Nana Koch

     Ellen Schelly Hill

FAQs for ERP Alternate Route Educators


Research Sub-Committee

Committee Description

     The purpose of the Research Sub-Committee is to promote research in the field of dance/movement therapy.            Ongoing tasks of the committee are:

  • Organization of an annual Research Poster Session at the ADTA Conference
  • Production of the Poster Abstracts publication
  • Update and maintenance of the Research Resources webpage on the ADTA website
  • Organization of an annual research oriented presentation at the ADTA Conference
  • Selection and presentation of the Annual Research Award
  • Provision of assistance to ADTA members with their research through consultation on research questions, designs, methods, resources, etc.
  • Response to inquiries made via email through the Forum on research related matters
  • Communication with the ERP Chairperson regarding all functions of the Research Sub-Committee


Research Sub Committee Chair


     Laura Downey


     Contact Laura to get involved:


Research Sub Committee Members

     Cynthia Berrol

     Emma Barton

     Lenore Hervey

     Marybeth Weinstock

     Sondra Mallings

     Robyn Flaum Cruz




Practice Sub-Committee

Committee Description

     The purpose of the sub-committee is to:

  • Support the development of new areas of practice for dance/movement therapists
  • Work with the Public Relations Committee to accurately represent dance/movement therapy areas of practice in all public relations materials


Practice Sub Committee Chair

     Vicky WIlder


         Contact Vicky to get involved:


Practice Sub Committee Members

     Laurel Thompson

     Shannon Lengerich

     Sharon Chaiklin

     Judith Fischer

     Elizabeth McNamara


For the American Dance Therapy Association's Dance/Movement Therapy Scope of Practice Statement Click here

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