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Allies for Social Justice Affinity Group (ASJ)

An affiliate group of the ADTA Multicultural & Diversity Committee


Allies for Social Justice is a newly forming learning and supporting community dedicated to social justice issues.  ASJ seeks to educate its members on the history and forms of racism, homophobia, classism, and religious clashing in efforts to reduce discriminatory acts towards non-dominate groups.  ASJ will partner with the Multicultural & Diversity Committee affinity groups to support non-dominant DMT members (non-white, non-heterosexual, non-Christian, etc.) in efforts to discover and change historical monocultural practices that thwart efforts at multiculturalism within the DMT community.  ASJ is also committed to learning best practices from other ally groups outside of the DMT field, and will collaborate and host events with other national and local ally groups.  


The ASJ website is currently under construction.  Please visit us in the near future for more information about interest, membership, and events. 


Are you a white person who:

  • Wonders why people are still talking about race in a "post-racist" society?
  • Wants to ask questions about race and racism that may or may not be "politically correct"?
  • Wishes to engage in cross-racial dialogue while skillfully handling your own defensive responses and those of others?
  • Would like to develop healthy white racial identity and pride, as well as consideration and sensitivity towards other racial groups?


ASJ is currently accepting interest, membership and leadership* requests.  Please use officer e-mail addresses (below) for contact while website is being developed.

*See below for open position descriptions.


Officer Profiles

     President: Julia Cuccaro is a Drexel University Master's Degree Candidate, currently in the process of                      completing her thesis, "An Exploration of Dance/Movement Therapy for Asian American Clients with Depressive        Symptons."  She received her BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania.  Julia has membership            with the Alpha Eta Society, the National Scholastic Honor Society for Allied Health Professions.  She is especially      interested in expoloring the distinctive ways in which mental health and mental illness manifest in various cultures      and socioeconomic classes and how to best approach treatment with an understanding of these differences.            She continues to choreograph and perform modern dance in the Philadelphia area.  Please feel free to contact        her at


     Vice President: Emily Nussdorfer, MA, BC-DMT, is a dance/movement therapist with over 20 years experience        teaching and performing creative dance and theater, and 10 years of providing dance/movement therapy                  services.  She is the founder of Moving Creations, Inc. ( a non-profit dedicated to          providing youth development, leadership training, and supportive services for underserved minority teens living        in economically vulnerable neighborhoods through the creative and performing arts.  As an activist for social            change, she views the creative and performing arts as vehicles for cross-cultural dialogue and healing, as well as      self transformation.  She is committed to promoting sustainable diversity within the ADTA and in her work with            youth and communities.  Please feel free to contact her at

       Director of Strategic Planning: Lysa Monique Jenkins-Hayden, MA, is a graduate of the Drexel University            Dance/Movement Therapy Program.  Her thesis entitled "Movement Encounters in Black and White:                      Understanding race and cultural competence in DMT" underscored the need for the creation of the Black              American and African Descendents (BAAD) group and sparked her passion to begin it.  She is a charter                member of the Multicultural & Diversity Committee and the founding member of two affinity groups: BAAD and      ASJ.  She earned her BS in business administration, with a marketing concentration, and a communications        minor from St. Joseph's University.  She is the owner and clinical director of Infinitely Inspired Therapeutic Arts      (I2TA).  Lysa Monique has been a social researcher investigating quality of life issues for ethnic minorities in          America and she currently facilitates workshops on multicultural competence, holistic living, and marketing for      small businesses.  Please feel free to contact her at


     Director of Collaborative Events: Open position to be filled

     Duties: Function as secondary spokesperson to communicate ASJ mission and objectives.  Assist coordinating          collaborative events between ASJ and other MDC affinity groups (BAAD, OALR, AAAAG, LGBTQ, etc.).


     Secretary of Strategic Planning: Open position to be filled

     Duties: Perform the routine functions necessary to implement ASJ strategic plans under the direction of the                President, Vice President, or other Executive Directors.  Record the history of ASJ meetings, conferences, and          strategic progress. Coordinate ASJ presence at ADTA Annual Conference.


     Treasurer/Director of Fiscal Relations: Open position to be filled

     Duties: Design and implement strategy to finance ASJ strategic initiatives.  Suggest and implement fundraising          and membership donation strategies.  Design project budgets and monitor project spending.  Provide strategy in      the prioritization of fiscal initiatives.

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