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ADTA 50/50 Campaign

Starting at the Conference this past October and concluding at the 2016 Conference (in Washington DC), ADTA celebrates 50 years of supporting the profession of dance/movement therapy. We invite you to be a part of the movement!  

  • Join the 50 Years/50 Ways to Advocate for Dance/Movement Therapy campaign!
  • Commit to advocating for Dance/Movement Therapy in your community, by taking an action to educate the public about DMT – big or small, all of it counts in the 50/50 campaign!!! 

Need ideas?


To educate groups in each of the 50 states of the US and each of the countries where dance therapists live and work! Send us information about what you've done and we'll add it to our listing!!!!!

    Here’s how!

    • Pledge to educate the public about Dance/Movement Therapy by sending your Name, City, State, Country, and email address to Robyn Cruz at 
    • OR, once you take action, send your Name, City, State, Country, the Group You Educated and Number of People in the Group to Robyn Cruz at


    Advocate for DMT in ADTA’s 50th year!

    Join Us!


    1. Offer an in-service workshop where you work for
    colleagues unfamiliar with DMT
    2. Offer a free experiential group at a
    nursing home or group home
    3. Present a workshop at a nonprofit or
    for-profit organization
    4. Present at a national conference for an allied profession
    5. Apply to give a TEDx talk in your town
    6. Offer a “What is DMT?” lecture/experiential
    at your local university or college
    7. Offer a “What is DMT?” lecture/experiential
    at your local high school
    8. Offer to do a movement opening or closing
    at an allied profession's conference
    9. Create YouTube videos and blogs
    speaking on dance therapy
    10. Create "guerilla" events with a flash mob
    dance number and then leave flyers behind about DMT

    For the full list of 50 ideas, click here.


    1 Amber Elizabeth Gray, NM, public workshop, Vancouver, BC

    2 Jenny Baxley Lee, FL, workshop, University of Florida

    3 Donna Newman-Bluestein, MA, workshop, LimmudBoston

    4 Danielle L. Fraenkel, NY, presentation, Mental Health
       Counselors of Greater Rochester

    5 Simone Kleinlooh, Netherlands, presentation, Chengdu
       University, China - Netherlands Geriatric Forum

    6 Charne Furcron, GA, presentation, Emory University Dance
       Department, 20 students 11/19-20/2015

    7 Valerie Perdue, NY, academic meeting, Binghamton
       University, Department of Theatre, 6 faculty

    8 Bonnie Bernstein, India, training for 30 NGO staff
       from Kolkata and Coochbehar, at Kolkata Sanved

    9 Mindy Coleman, NC, presentation, J. Iverson Riddle
       Developmental Center and Black Mountain Neuro-Medical
       Treatment Center, 14 professionals

    10 Junko Araki, MD, stress-reduction workshop, local dance
       studio, 12 teen dancers

    11 Voniѐ Stillson, MS, presentation, Geekonomicon,

    12 Alison Salter, CA, presentation, CA Board of Behavioral
       Sciences Policy and Advocacy Committee, 11-2015, 5

    13 Susan Kleinman, conference presentation, The Renfrew
       Foundation Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 35 professionals,
       November 15, 2015

    14 Joseph Bocage Few, Little Rock, AR, radio interview, 

       Feb 2016

    15 Jody Wager, training, George Mason University, Fairfax,
       VA, 6 nursing students 12/1/15

    16 Jody Wager, training, Georgetown University, Washington,
       DC, 8 nursing students 12/7/15

    17 Anabelle Coote, radio interview, Great Barrington, MA,

    18 Sara Rubinstein, Baltimore MD, lecture/demonstration
         University of Maryland School of Social Work, 12 social
         work graduate students.

    19 Natasha Goldstein, Dover DE, conference presentation,
         Dementia Conference, 85 caregivers and health

    20 Nalini Prakash, Washington DC, presentation, South Asian
         Mental Health Association, 8 psychologists and social

    21 Erin Howe, North San Diego County CA,
         lecture/demonstration, California State University
         San Marcos, 25 Students and their professor 

    22 Sarah Zichi, Grand Rapids MI, Michigan Association of
         Community Mental Health Boards newsletter, Connections
         for Communities that Care

    23 Adina Rosenberg, Philadelphia PA, lecture/demonstration,
         NHS School for Autism, 6 Drexel University psychiatrists

         and psychiatry residents

    24 David Alan Harris, Lewiston ME, lecture, Bates College
         Dance Department, 12 dance students in Contemporary

         Issues in Dance course.

    25 Pamela Jimenez, Heredia, Costa Rica,

         lecture/demonstration, Ministerio of Cultura in San Jose

         and Heredia Costa Rica, 72 children and 15 adults.

    26 Susan Kleinman, Boca Raton, FL, lecture, Florida Atlantic
         University School of Social Work, 21 students.

    27 Susan Kleinman, Amelia Island, FL, presentation,
         International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals
         (IAEDP) Symposium, 26 participants.

    28 Amber Gray, Santa Fe, NM, community workshop, Center
         for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, March 5.

    29 Charne’ Furcron, Seattle, WA, performance and talk,
         Seattle Unity Church, 150 attendees in audience, 27 in talk.

    30 Danielle Fraenkel, New York, NY, presentation, 73rd
         Annual Conference of the American Group Psychotherapy
         Association Conference, February 26, 2016.

    31 Susan Kleinman, Boca Raton, FL, movement/meditation
         opening, Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness Annual
         Walk, 800 participants.

    32 Carrie Robinson & Judith Ehrman-Shapiro, staff movement
         group, Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury CT, 12 staff attend
         (weekly, past 6 mos.)

    33 Ariele Riboh, lecture, Rosalind Franklin University ofz

         Medicine and Science, Chicago, IL, 60 student physician
         assistants. Workshop KIVA Recovery Center, Vernon Hills,
         IL, 12 staff.

    34 Lauren Harrison, workshop, Marymount University,
         Arlington, VA, 5 nursing students.

    35 Dee Wagner, lecture, Atlanta, GA, PechaKucha Atlanta, 70
         people. Radio interview, local Atlanta station.

    36 Pamela Jiménez Jiménez, 2 workshops, Universidad
         Nacional de Costa Rica, 80 students.

    37 Jody Wager, lecture, Falls Church, VA, CreateFest online


    1 Kristen Crowe

    Long Beach, CA

    2 Pattee Russel-Curry

    Merced CA

    3 Lauren Higgins

    Chattanooga TN


     4 Heather Davies

    Austin, TX


    5 Joanabbey Sack

    Montreal Quebec


    6 Adina Rosenberg

    Fairless Hills, PA

    7 Dawn Lyon

    Southern CA   

    8 Susan Kleinman


     9 Jennifer Tantia


    10 Jody Wager

    Falls Church, VA

    11 Vicky Wilder

    Fredericksburg VA

    12 Lora Wilson Mau

    Santa Ana, CA

    13 Sally Totenbier

    Houston TX

    14 Susan Schoon

    Tucson, AZ


    15 Lauren Harrison


    16 Emily Day

    Langley WA

    17 Margaret Migliorati


    18 Jacelyn Biondo

    Philadelphia, PA

    19 Robyn Cruz


    20 Debra Benjamin Goldman

    Highland Park, Il 60035

    21 Mitul Sengupta
    Kolkata, India

    22 Orit Greenberger
    Newark, DE

    23 Sandy Biery

    Southern California

    24 Ilene Serlin

    San Francisco, CA 

    25 Nettie Becker

    Rockville Centre, NY

    26 Michelle Merna

    Amityville, NY 

    27 Antonella Monini

    Rome, Italy

    28. Erica Hornthal
    Chicago, IL

    29. Silvan Erb-Summers

    Boulder/Denver, CO


    30. Antonella Monini

    Rome, Italy 

    31. Sarah Zichi 

    Grand Rapids, MI

    32. Laura Bryson

    San Jose, CA

    33. Ivanilda Silva

    Norman, OK

    34. Susan Kierr

    New Orleans, LA

    35. Helena Willems

    Brussels, Belgium

    36. Judith Sternfeld

    Kfar Saba, Israel  

    37. Deborah Smulian-Siegel

    Burlington, VT & Truro, MA

    38. Simona Georgescu

    Mattapoisett, MA

    39. Joy Ruben

    Lenox, MA 01240

    40. Mary King-Linares

    Lancaster, PA

    41. Lori Baudino

    Los Angeles, CA

    42. Hecbel M. Rodríguez Crespo, Puerto Rico

    43. Shawna L. Solsvig

    Chicago, IL


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