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DMT Videos

The ADTA has a number of excellent education videos about dance/movement for sale in our Online Store. Click here to shop for videos and other educational materials, click here.


Published on Nov 29, 2012, Heidi Fledderjohn Board Certified Dance/movement Therapist on TedX Talks. It is called "Movement Performance", she leads audience in an experiential to "keep the channel open".

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Videos on this site are not the property of ADTA.

Those wishing to use the content of any video, please contact the dance/movement therapist featured in the video


What is dance/movement therapy? ADTA Informational Slide Show



Autism Awareness

In observance of Autism Awareness, we are excited to share with you the ADTA Talk on dance/movement therapy and autism. Dr. Christina Devereaux speaks about the unique capacity of dance/movement therapy to meet people with autism in many ways, channeling communication patterns into "dances of relationship."

Dance/Movement Therapy with Children with Cancer

In this video you can see Suzi Tortora using dance/movement therapy and a multi-sensory

pain management protocol she developed to address pain in children with cancer at

2:04 to 6:01 and again at 7:15 - 7:23.

This video was funded in part by the Marian Chace Foundation.

Andrea Rizzo Foundation - A Dream Dances On


Dance/Movement Therapy to Improve Mood for Mental Health Jody Wager

on distinction between dance/movement therapy and therapeutic dance.



Lori Baudino provides dance/movement therapy to children at Mattel Children's Hospital

at UCLA. Dance/movement therapy helps children express themselves and provides coping

and communication skills.



David Alan Harris leads a dance/movement therapy for trauma counselors in Liberia.



Gina Serraino uses dance/movement therapy with older adults.


In this clip from the Art of Living's episode "The Art and the Young," which aired nationwide winter 2008, Suzy Rossol Matheson has the opportunity in an adaptive dance class at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, TX to reach a variety of therapeutic goals with children of all ages.  With the aid of sensorimotor props such as scarves and the OctabandTM, children explore KMP tension flow rhythms, expand movement repertoire, and enhance socialization through various movement activities.  A weekly ritualistic positive affirmation ends the group which instills hope and fosters positive self-esteem.

Used by Permission, Veria 2010


Leif Tellmann speaks to "Psychology in Seattle" about private practice in dance/movement therapy. 


ADTA 2010 Annual Conference Flash Mob - Brooklyn, NY

A big thank you to our wonderful videographer: Christian Capello-Colon


ADTA 2009 Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon


ADTA's Official Change from Registry to Board Certification 10.9.09

ADTA 2007 Annual Conference Opening Performance

ADTA 40th Anniversary Slide Show (2006)


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