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Whole Person Healthcare Volume 3
edited by Ilene Serlin, Jill Sonke-Henderson, Rusti Brandman, and John Graham-Pole


This book introduces readers to the history and practices of art and healthcare throughout the ages. It presents the history of art and health in ancient healing rituals; shows the relevance of rituals in the growing number of international contemporary art-in-health programs; and discusses applications of art, music, dance, drama, and poetry therapy programs at the bedside, in groups, and in cross-cultural conflict.

Book Set Violence Prevention through
Movement and Pro-Social Skills


Capturing the Essence of Chace: A Teacher's Journey
Claire Schmais

2004 Book
It details the specifics of teaching some of the basic concepts of dance/movement therapy.

A Collection of Early Writings: Toward a Body of Knowledge (Volume 1: 1989)


These writings have been selected for inclusion in this publication for their contribution to the formation of our body of knowledge.


ADTA Diversity Information Packet


This packet offers expert information, research articles and multimedia resources.

Dance Therapy Notebook

Joan L. Naess Lewin


1998 Book
This book documents the clinical practice of an experienced dance therapist working in long-term, interpersonal treatment. It is a poignant and well-written reflection of her work using a developmental approach. It organizes and clarifies the process used and is appropriate for both beginning and experienced clinicians.

Foundations of Dance/Movement Therapy:
The Life and Work of Marian Chace (Hard Cover)


1993 Book
This is a new and revised edition of a previous edition (now out of print) of the papers of Marian Chace, one of the seminal figures in the evolvement of dance/movement therapy. This edition includes new material including a biography of Marian Chace and approximately ten papers by other dance/movement therapists that develop the original concepts of Chace. This book should be of interest to those clinicians, educators and researchers in the field of dance/movement therapy, other expressive arts therapists, psychologists and other mental health professionals, special education professionals, those in dance, historians and other researchers. Edited by S. Sandel, S. Chaiklin and A. Lohn.





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