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Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery         

Presents eating disorder recovery stories that utilize two creative arts therapies- Dance Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy. These therapies provided an opportunity for the women whose stories are told, to express themselves when words and traditional psychotherapy alone were not enough. This 40 minute documentary features the work of Susan Kleinman, dance/movement therapist and Carol Dietrich, drama therapist.



Moving Toward Health 

An inspiring documentary about women with breast cancer who learned to overcome some of the physical and psychological effects of the disease by participating in Authentic Movement groups. These groups were led by Janet Adler, Neala Haze and Tina Stromsted, and were based on the doctoral dissertation (1989) of Sandy Dibbell-Hope, which was supported by a grant from the Marian Chace Foundation of the ADTA.



Violence Prevention through Movement: Training DVD One & Two

By Rena Kornblum



Moving Toward Peace: Violence
Prevention through Movement

By Rena Kornblum




Mary Starks Whitehouse, Dance Therapist: A Video Retrospective

Produced by Joanna Harris


Produced by Joanna Harris in 1999, this 45 minute video is a historical and archival project meant to preserve Whitehouse's significance to dance/movement therapy. It includes Whitehouse teaching a class and interviews with Jane Manning, Cathy McFann and Neala Haze.


Dance Therapy: The Power of Movement

Directed by Norris Broc


1983 film directed by Norris Brock, produced by ADTA, and narrated by the late Christopher Reeve. The film shows five different therapists working with a variety of patients. Winner of Dance Film Festival Award. 30 min., color.


Dance/Movement Therapy for Women with Breast Cancer
Ilene Serlin, PhD, BC-DMT


Dance/Movement Therapy for Women with Breast Cancer is an 11 minute educational tape about the use of dance/movement therapy in a 12-week support group for women living with breast cancer at California Pacific Medical Center's Institute of Health and Healing. It was supported by a grant from the Marian Chace Foundation of the American Dance Therapy Association.

To Move is to Be Alive 

by Penny Lewis


This film is primarily about the professional life and contributions of Penny Parker Lewis, an early dance therapy author and pioneer. One of the highlights is a series of excerpts from To Move is to Be Alive, created and narrated by her. This film also contains previously unseen footage from an individual movement therapy session, along with Dr Lewis’ comments on the interaction between herself and the young woman. (40 minutes) 


 Looking for Me

by Janet Adler

This film of Janet Adler's dance/movement therapy work has been celebrated for capturing a series of ongoing sessions between Janet and two autistic girls, ages two and five. As Janet mirrors their gestures, the children gradually develop trust in her, shifting out of their profound isolation. With time, the girls allow themselves to be touched by Janet, building toward a sense of reprocity and intimacy. The viewer cannot help but be moved by this heartfelt and compelling film. (30 minutes)

Looking for Me & Still Looking:
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Still Looking

by Janet Adler

Twenty years after Looking for Me, Janet Adler produced the first filmed sessions featuring Authentic Movement, an embodied awareness practice with roots in dance, somatic healing practices, and mysticism. In this film, Janet allows us to join her as witness to the spontaneous movement experiences of eight professional women as they explore the relationship between moving and witnessing. Learning how to see and be seen clearly in the presence of one another, the process of compassionate witnessing invites consciousness, enhancing the integration of body and spirit. (29 minutes)

$40 for both Janet Adler films.

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