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Asian & Asian-American Affinity Group (AAAAG)

An affiliate group of the ADTA Multicultural & Diversity Committee

Due to the growth in the profession of dance/movement therapy, we now have dance/movement therapists serving in countries across the globe.  The American Dance Therapy Association has set and monitored standards for the professionals and has been supportive to members and allied professionals.  However, according to the International Caucus Meeting Survey, there are concerns in the following areas: education/research information/resources, connection/networking, emotional support, and career/supervision in the USA and/or back to ones own country.  In the small number of DMT's of-color, Asians are probably the most numerous.  Upon reviewing the survey given at the International Membership Committee at the ADTA Annual Conference in Austin, TX in 2008, 14 out of 21 participants were from Asian countries.  In an effort to address the concerns above, as Asian dance/movement therapists abroad, we feel an Asian & Asian-American Affinity Group may be beneficial to many members.



     To establish an Asian & Asian-American Affinity Group to provide a community for Asian DMTs.



  • To provide educational and research information relating to DMT and encourage Asian DMTs to conduct clinical DMT research.
  • To establish a communications medium within Asian DMTs, as well as national DMT communities.
  • To foster a supportive environment for perspective, new, and existing Asian DMTs.
  • To provide needed information pertaining to employment in the USA, as well as ones own country.



     The AAAAG will be led by Warin Tepayayone and Akiko (kiki) Nishida. Stacey Hurst, Mimi Berger, and Meg Chang will act as senior advisors.  A representative from each Asian country may be asked to help bridge the AAAAG to their country.



     Help the membership of the ADTA to grow.  Guide the Asian DMTs as they navigate their way through their profession.


Future Plans/Ideas

     Create an Asian Dance/Movement Therpy Conference in an Asian Country.


AAAAG now has a Facebook page!

Within this media Asian professionals can share educational information, research, and concerns related to being an Asian DMT abroad and at home.  This tool should foster and encourage a supportive environment for the all potential as well as existing Asian DMTs.


AAAAG also offers support to all members who are interested in Asian Culture.


E-mail us with any questions/concerns:

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