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Black American & African Descendants Affinity Group (BAAD)

An affiliate group of the ADTA Multicultural & Diversity Committee


BAAD was formed in 2009 to unite, organize, and support Black dance/movement therapy students and professionals in an effort to develop an approach to dance/movement therapy (DMT) that is consistent with the experience of Black people within the Americas and internationally.  BAAD has assessed that expanding its learning and awareness outside the DMT paradigm to create partnerships with other mental health fields and culturally indigenous healing practitioners and customs is important.  This approach is also consistent with cultural competent standards.  Therefore, an important goal of the BAAD affinity group is to stimulate cross-disciplinary discussion among Black mental health and holistic healing professionals, in order to advance the needs of Black students, professionals, and mental health consumers.  BAAD's cross-disciplinary approach to discussion and research is also intended to raise awareness about DMT in the minds of other mental health practitioners.  Our members are committed to engaging in a self-reflective journey in order to increase their own multicultural competence as mental health professionals. 


Please visit the BAAD website to read more about organizational goals, upcoming events and meetings. 

Questions?  Requests?  Click on the "Contact Us" page on the BAAD website to submit.


  • Are you a Black DMT student or professional who wants to commune with other Black DMT students or professionals?
  • Are you a Black DMT student or professional who does not feel as connected to the ADTA as you would have hoped?
  • Have you produced or published DMT or mental health research on Black, African, or Latino populations and wish to have a support community to publish it professionally?


BAAD is accepting interest, membership, and leadership* requests. 

*Please see below for open position descriptions.


Officer Profiles (see full bios on BAAD website)

National Founder & President: Lysa Monique Jenkins-Hayden, MA, is a graduate of the Drexel University                   Dance/Movement Therapy Program.  Her thesis entitled "Movement Encounters in Black and White: Understanding Race and Cultural Competence in DMT" underscored the need for the creation of the BAAD group and sparked her passion to begin it. She is a charter member of the Multicultural & Diversity Committee (MDC) and the founding member of Black American and African Descendents (BAAD) and Allies for Social Justice (ASJ).  She earned her BS in business administration, with a marketing concentration, and a communications minor from St. Joseph's University.  She is the owner and clinical director of Infinitely Inspired Therapeutic Arts (I2TA).

National Vice President: Angela Tatum Fairfax, PhD, LPC, BC-DMT, NCC, is a 2003 graduate of Drexel

University/Hahnemann Creative Arts in Therapy - Dance/Movement Therapy Program.  She is in private practice in

Wilmington, Delaware and works in a culturally diverse behavioral health hospital in North Philadelphia providing

dance/movement therapy groups for people with chronic mental disorders and/or substance abuse problems.  She is the new

Chair of the Multicultural & Diversity Committee (MDC).


National Director of Research & Professional Development: Crista Gambrell, PhD, LPC, NCC, is a counselor in residence

and an Alternate Route student in dance/movment therapy.  She holds a Master's degree in Counseling and a Phd in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University. 

National Director of Student Relations: Romain Diaz, BS, majored in kinesiology at Penn State University and is currently a

Master's degree candidate at Drexel University's Dance/Movement Therapy Program.  Romain's thesis research is focused

on "Praise Dance: It's form, role and experience in supporting mental health for dancers of an African American congregation."


National Director of PR & Advertising: Open position to be filled

Duties: Function as secondary spokesperson to communicated BAAD's mission and objectives.  Assist in raising visibility of

the DMT profession among other mental health professions.  Assist in raising awareness regarding Afro-centric applications

of DMT research and practice models.  Maintain communication system for information dissemination through various

media outlets (website, Facebook, etc.).  Plan collaborative efforts with ADTA Public Relations Committee.


National Secretary of Strategic Planning: Open position to be filled

Duties: Perform the routine functions necessary to implement BAAD strategic plans under the direction of the President, Vice

President, or other Executive Directors.  Record the history of Office of Afro-Latino Relations (OALR) meetings, conferences, and strategic progress.  Coordinate OALR presence at ADTA Annual Conference.


National Treasurer/Director of Fiscal Relations: Open position to be filled

Duties: Design and implement strategy to finance BAAD strategic initiatives.  Suggest and implement fundraising and

membership donation strategies.  Design project budgets and monitor project spending.  Provide strategy in the prioritization

of fiscal initiatives. 

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